Lazarus uncovers inter-connections buried in scientific literature. Each time an article is opened in Utopia, Lazarus will read it alongside you and identify the most important concepts in the research. The more everyone reads, the more it learns, and the more it is able to draw connections between all the articles read across the community, giving you directed access to other related articles you may not personally have come across. Continue reading to learn more…

Follow expressions

Lazarus reads your articles alongside you and finds what it thinks are import expressions – fragments of sentences that represent the ideas portrayed in the literature. Whether regarding the activation of a particular gene, or a drug's therapeutic effect, these expressions can be used to find new articles that talk about similar concepts.

Explore meaning

Lazarus provides a whole new set of sources for exploring the meaning of terms and phrases you encounter while reading. Any text that has a slight red tint can be explored with a single click, providing links to databases and new definitions.

Enrich articles

Lazarus also pulls out section headings and bibliographies from those articles for which Utopia has been unable to find online information, allowing you to easily traverse citations in more literature than ever before.