Manage you library

Version 3 of Utopia Documents introduces functionality that allows you to manage your library of articles directly from within the application. You can create your own collections, star particularly important articles, export bibliography lists, and generally keep track of what you care about.

Adding to your library…

You can save articles to your library in a number of ways. You can right-click search results (when using the in-built search functionality) and choose Save to Library, or if you've already opened the article in Utopia, you can right-click its tab and choose the same.

You can also drag-n-drop a PDF file directly into the application, dropping the file onto the area of the window that says Add to Library.

As soon as articles are added to the library, Utopia Documents begins processing them in an attempt to discover as much about them as possible.

Organising articles…

My Library holds all the articles stored in Utopia Documents library. Starred Articles show you only those articles you've marked with a star (you can do this by clicking on the star icon wherever it appears) – what a star means is up to you. Recently Imported shows only those articles imported in the last month.

If you wish, you can also create named collections to help you keep together related articles. These collections could form the bibliography of a paper you're writing, or could just be a way of grouping together articles of interest on a particular subject. Articles can be in multiple collections simultaneously. When you first open Utopia Documents, you'll see there are no collections set up; to add a collection, right-click the library, choose New Collection, and rename it to something sensible.

A modest library might look like the following: