Find articles

Utopia Documents provides a number of ways to find and fetch articles, doing all the hard work of resolving websites and downloading PDFs without the user having to bother.

Opening an article directly…

If you have the article to hand in PDF format, or you have a link to it, you can open it directly using the File menu.

Navigating a bibliography…

For most articles Utopia Documents is able to present a bibliography in the summary sidebar. Utopia will do its best to resolve the citations found there and give the user the ability to fetch the PDF of those cited articles directly. In the event Utopia cannot get directly to the PDF, links to publisher's websites or search engines are provided.

When a PDF link is present, clicking it will automatically download and open the article in a new tab.

Searching the web…

Sometimes you may not have a particular article in mind, or might not have a PDF handy to load. In those cases you can search online (currently that means PubMed) for articles to download. Searching is done via the library (more on that on the library feature page) and can be accessed by choosing Toggle Library from the View menu, or clicking the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner of the Utopia Documents window.

Make sure you've chosen Search Online from the sources on the left, then type in your search terms into the query box and hit return.

Once you've found an article you're interested in, you can simply double-click the entry (or right-click and choose Open) to tell Utopia to find the PDF and open it in a new tab.

In cases where Utopia cannot get directly at the PDF, such as when it is behind a paywall, Utopia will instead navigate your web browser to the publisher's website, allowing you to decide what to do next.