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Utopia Documents allows the reader to explore an article’s content without disrupting the reading task. Out of the box, Utopia includes various extensions that allow access to online databases, search engines, and visualisation services, tailored to the fields of biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and medicine.

How to explore an article's content…

Right-clicking on any highlighted word or phrase gives the user the option, amongst others, to Explore the term, filling the article’s sidebar with results. Some of these results will be from general sources such as Wikipedia, while others are more targeted to specific fields such as the UniProtKB.

You might also want to Lookup Selected Text in specific places, such as Google or the NCBI.

Alternatively, you can explore your own terms by typing it into the lookup search box. You can show or hide this search box at any time by choosing the Toggle Lookup Search Box option from the View menu. Just type your term and click Explore.

Searching for p53 might give you results similar to the following: